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A Sampling of Past Interfaith Story Circle Themes

  • Coming to Judaism through Jewish Stories
  • Stories of Gratitude
  • A Winter Lights telling (community event)
  • Tales from the Muslim Tradition
  • Grace Received: Stories of the Presence of God
  • A Vesper of Stories for the Lenten Season
  • Telling Jesus Tales
  • Teens Tell Tales (Spring Youth circles)
  • An Evening of Buddhist Tales
  • Stories of the Spirit in Everyday Life
  • Stories for the Very Young and Very Old
  • Shaping and Sharing Family Stories
  • A Vesper of Stories for the Advent Season
  • Creating Stories for Healing
  • Praying our Stories
  • Stories for Reconciliation
  • Finding Values for Today in the Stories of Olde
  • Stories in the Sufi Tradition
  • Stories of Heroes and Saints
  • Children's Worship Through Stories
  • Storytellers as Peacemakers
  • Stories from Life-Stories from the Heart
  • Stories to Help Cope with Suffering and Tragedy
  • The Gospel of Mark: a Two Hour Telling
  • The Use of Storytelling in Pastoral Care
  • Mythical Antecedents of Religious Stories
  • Sacred Stories from the Native American Tradition
  • Stories of Sacred Spaces
  • Storytelling, Imagination and Faith
  • Small Miracle Stories
  • Stories for Death and Dying
  • Storymending in Bereavement
  • Stories of Births and Beginnings
  • Using Personal Stories for Spirituality
  • Stories of Freedom and Liberation
  • Stories of Women in Scripture
  • Stories of Voluntary Simplicity
  • Tales from the Hindu Tradition